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Kirtan on the Banks of the Ganga in Rishikesh with Govind Das

Sita Devi


Kirtan is an ancient spiritual practice of Bhakti Yoga designed to collectively raise our vibration through call and response chanting of Sanskrit mantra. Through this repetitive ecstatic chanting we are able to drop in, unify, channel and access the divine within ourselves.


141211_ecstatic-HI_0327In addition to Kirtan, Sita also sings Bhajan. Bhajan, like Kirtan, can be call and response, but is more specific in Bhava, or mood. Bhajans are like poems typically in Sanskrit or Hindi and are designed to evoke a particular feeling or mood, a specific taste of divine nectar. Kirtan on the other hand, is usually just one or two phrases re

This practice of devotional chanting whether it be Kirtan or Bhajan, is one of the simplest ways to channel divine energy and experience Bhava. The mantras invoke certain aspects of the divine and by collectively chanting them we align with that energy and raise our vibration. Our hearts melt and overflow with divine nectar.peated over and over again, where Bhajan is a lyrical poem that is sung once all the way through. Bhajans may be chanted in Kirtan style, where each line or couplings of lines are repeated in a call and response format.


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