sita devi

love. service. devotion.

As a natural performer, Sita was put into dance and gymnastics at the age of three and soon began choreographing small theater for her parents' dinner parties. Her performing career advanced, receiving a BFA in dance from University of California Santa Barbara and is a co-founder and facilitator of the Ecstatic Dance Retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii. 


After some years of performing, Sita began to dive deeply into her yoga practice, realizing that this was the true path of her heart.

Love is the deepest,

most supreme philosophy


– Srila Narayan Goswami Maharaj

Through the practice of yoga everything seemed to unify and come together in complete harmony, the entire universe resonating as one collective consciousness. This was even more magnified when Sita began singing Kirtan. She realized that by chanting the names of the divine, all perfection of yoga is attained. 

Sita feels the divine channel so deeply and intensely through Bhakti Yoga, she has chosen to make it her life’s purpose. She intends to share this heart opening practice with everyone, making it easily accessible. It is her dream and goal to make Bhakti, devotional service, something that anyone can do, without limitation, expectation, discrimination or judgement.